Work affected as multiple portfolios leave Assam ministers overburdened

Is it the indecision in the BJP and its allies in Assam which is affecting the efficiency of state government departments? As reported by The Sentinel, it’s been almost four months since the BJP-led government came to power in the state but it is yet to have a full-fledged Cabinet in the state.

With AGP and BPF as its allies, the BJP-led government has been dependent on select-few ministers who are calling the shots across multiple ministries leading to normal work being affected across departments.

“Many files are awaiting approval as ministers juggle between departments,” a source said.

The Sentinel report said that the issue of non-expansion of the Sarbananda Sonowal ministry has not only triggered ‘resentment’ amongst ruling party members, there is also simmering displeasure in AGP and BPF camps, alliance partners of the BJP.

The expansion of the ministry has become inevitable given the huge work load on 11 ministers, including the chief minister; who are handling around 58 departments.

Due to the crushing burden, most of the ministers have visibly failed to do justice to their work, consequently hampering the overall development of the state, the report said.

So, is it because fissures have appeared in the BJP-led coalition in the state that Sarbananda Sonowal is thinking twice before expanding his ministry? Does the party fear more resentment among its members once the other ministerial berths are handed out? Or is it that the ministry has not been expanded so far due to lack of capable candidates?

Quoting a BJP leader and minister in the Sonowal government, the Sentinel report said that the minister is overburdened which is affecting the day-to-day work of many departments.

So, isn’t the reluctance of Sarbananda Sonowal and the BJP that the people of the state are facing trouble? Why is it that because of internal differences in the BJP and its allies that people of Assam has to accept a half-baked ministry with 11 ministers sharing the responsibilities of around 58 departments?

Assam deserves as answer.