BJP failed to fulfil poll promises in Assam, says Saikia

Leader of Opposition in the Assam Assembly, Debabrata Saikia, on Wednesday alleged that the BJP-led government in the state has failed to take any step to fulfill its election promises during its 100 days in power. The Congress leader alleged that the state government has in fact drifted away from the main issues, leading to disappointment among people. Saikia said that during the past 100 days, the state government has not been able to arrest the rise in the prices of essential items. Additional VAT and other taxes has hit the commoners hard, while cement prices have shot up abnormally, he alleged.

Assam lost its Special State category status during the period but the state government failed to register protest and tried to avoid the issue, Saikia said.

“Though the floods this year affected the state economy and claimed 30 lives besides affecting lakhs of people in 23 districts, the state government has not initiated any step to declare flood and erosion as national problems. The Prime Minister avoided the issue while expressing concern over the flood situation in North and Central India. Significantly, there was no protest by the state government in this connection,” the leader said.

On the Big Dams issue, the Leader of Opposition said that the BJP is now advocating for large dams in contrary to its stand on the issue while it was in the Opposition. The present stand of the state government on the Indo-Bangla Land Swap Deal also indicates its double standards. The government is not providing funds to the NRC update project and thus, it is delaying the updating process, Saikia added.

Referring to the statements made by a minister on the cut-off date for determination of foreign nationals illegally staying in Assam, Saikia said that the present government in the state has not taken any step to free Assam from foreign nationals. With its declaration to provide shelter to Hindus migrants from Bangladesh, the BJP-led Central government has added to the apprehensions of the indigenous people of the state.

The Leader of Opposition also spoke on the AIIMS issue and said that many BJP leaders had extended support to the demand for selection of Raha as the site of the proposed AIIMS in the state. But later, they took quite an opposite stand. The state government wrote to the Centre, requesting for review of its decision on the AIIMS site only after the agitation led to the death of a person, he said.